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May 18 - May 24, 2020


(Dir. Albert Serra, 2019)







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*From May 8-14, Liberté will be available to stream via Cinema Guild. Acropolis Cinema will receive 50% of all revenue.

Just  before the French Revolution, in a forest outside Berlin, a band of  libertines expelled from the court of Louis XVI rendezvous with the  legendary German seducer and freethinker, the Duc de Walchen (Helmut  Berger), to convince him to join in their mission: the rejection of  authority and all moral boundaries. What begins as an evening of  strategizing on the proliferation of libertinage, descends into a Sadean  night of pansexual one-upmanship.

Liberté is  a singular cinematic experience only Albert Serra could deliver, a film  in which increasingly dramatic acts of pain and pleasure unfold in  counterpoint to cinematographer Artur Tort’s luminous images of moonlit  sylvan spaces. As Serra and his committed team of regular performers and  newcomers "open the gates of Hell" and explore the limits of the erotic  imagination, you won’t be able to look away.

Surely one of the most radical films to play in the Official Selection of Cannes ever.

- Mark Peranson, Cinema Scope

Audaciously perverse and amorphous... Conjures a sustained ambiance and eroticism that's unique to the language of cinema.

- Carson Lund, Slant Magazine

Liberté more than lives up to its title, suggesting that a truly free cinema is  one that still believes in the possibility of subversion.

- Dennis Lim, Artforum

The  film's focus is on the interplay between exhibitionism and voyeurism,  the seen and the unseen, lust and tedium, as cinematographer Artur Tort  masterfully captures the carnal proceedings in images that recall the  great neoclassical and rococo tableaux of Watteau, Fragonard, and  Boucher. Liberté sees Serra at the height of his powers.
- Andréa Picard, TIFF

(Available to download after screening date)

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