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Of Time and the City: New Films by Tsai Ming-liang​​

August 23, 2023

Of Time and the City: New Films by Tsai Ming-liang​​

(Dir. Tsai Ming-liang, 2022)

Los Angeles premieres!






2220 Arts + Archives
2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90057

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Where Do You Stand, Tsai Ming-liang? (Tsai Ming-liang, 2022; 21 min)

"Où en êtes-vous ?" is a collection introduced by the Centre Pompidou which, since 2014, has systematically commissioned guest filmmakers to make a free-form homemade film with which they respond to this question that is both retrospective and introspective and turned toward the figure, their desires, their projects. To date, the collection comprises more than twenty films. Tsai's entry is both a companion piece to Afternoon (2015) and a beautiful meditation on the artists' frequently unacknowledged work as a painter.

"For health reasons,  Lee Kang-Sheng and I have moved to the mountains.  We have no neighbours. Our house is surrounded by dilapidated properties. I love these abandoned houses. I often go there. I think they're magnificent. I said to Kang-Sheng:  We no longer need to travel to make films. I'm going to film everything here. I got some old chairs and some of my paintings  and I placed them in these abandoned houses. That's how the film was made." —Tsai Ming-liang

Where (Tsai Ming-liang, 2022; 91 min)

The ninth installment in Tsai's beloved Walker series, Where reunites Lee Kang-Sheng (in his iconic role as a slow-walking monk) and Anong Houngheuangsy from Days (2020), pitting the pair on a star-crossed journey across Paris, culminating in a stunning encounter at the Pompidou.

"Anong hums songs from his hometown in an unknown foreign city. Perhaps he's looking for something, or waiting for someone. He comes across the walker. The meeting is like a dream. He wakes up with an impression of déjà-vu." —Tsai Ming-liang

TRT: 112 min

"One of the more delightful long-running series in contemporary cinema." —Sean Gilman, InReviewOnline

"Where [is] the most accomplished of the Walker pieces... [plays] like Days's hyper-formalist inverse." —Michael Sicinski, Patreon

"[Where Do You Stand, Tsai Ling-liang? is] a stunningly beautiful treatise on the limbo of the Covid era." —Daniel Gorman, InReviewOnline

"In demanding the viewer’s attention and readjusting expectations around the cinematic use of time, [Tsai] allows for incredible moments of human connection and discovery." —Dan Schindel, Hyperallergic

"A melancholic meditation... Lee’s presence as a controlled variable in [Where's] social experiment contests the binary of fiction and nonfiction, embodying Tsai’s capture of authentic behaviors toward the unusual." Edward Frumkin, The Film Stage

(Available to download after screening date)

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