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Bunaglow (Dir. Ulrich Köhler, 2002)

From July 3-9, Bungalow will be available to stream

via Acropolis Cinema and Grasshopper Film. Acropolis will receive

50% of all revenue. Click here to watch.


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New 4k restoration!


The celebrated debut of Ulrich Köhler (previously featured at Acropolis with In My Room and A Voluntary Year) is a minimalist portrait of a young German soldier named Paul (Lennie Burmeister) who goes AWOL and returns to his childhood home in the countryside. Over a few summer days, Paul evades the responsibilities of everyday life and falls in love with his brother’s girlfriend, disrupting the lives of everyone in his circle. With Köhler’s penchant for deadpan humor and subtle performances, Bungalow becomes a quiet mockery of militarism, familial estrangement, and youthful ennui.


One of the most quintessential of all Berlin School films.

Marco Abel, The Counter-Cinema of the Berlin School


Likely the most personal filmmaker of the so-called Berlin School.

Mark Peranson, Cinema Scope

A laconically amusing deadpan comedy with an undercurrent of anger and despair that lends it an edge.

Josh Ralske, All Movie Guide

Resembles '70s pics like Five Easy Pieces. Performances are excellent all around, with Dogme-like naturalism never pushed to any showy effect.

Ken Eisner, Variety

In two decades, Köhler has made just four features, a body of work that, though small, is still singular. His films are distinctive in how they double as provocative and plausible thought experiments, four films that each go one conceptual, microsociological step further than the last. 

Ross McDonnell, Sight & Sound

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