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Francisca (Dir. Manoel de Oliveira, 1981)

From November 13-19, Francisca will be available to stream

via Acropolis Cinema and Grasshopper Film. Acropolis will receive

50% of all revenue. Click here to rent.


If you'd like to offer additional support, you can make a tax

deductible donation to Acropolis by clicking here​.


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Based on Agustina Bessa-Luís’ acclaimed novel, itself inspired by a true story that occurred in the 19th century, Manoel de Oliveira’s Francisca recounts the life of a young man, a son of an English officer, who lets himself become a prisoner of love resulting in fatalism and disgrace. With its gorgeous cinematography, gloomy interiors, and show-stopping gala set-pieces, Francisca is one of the legendary director’s crowning achievements.


A masterpiece.

J. Hoberman, The New York Reveiw of Books

Represents one of the most complete expressions of [Oliveira's] eight decade career.

Michael J. Anderson, Tativille

The first example of 'a cinematographic reading of literature' or, as what Oliveira has called, a 'visual word,' lies in Francisca.

João Bénard da Costa, Cinemateca Portuguesa


​A masterpiece of modern cinema. A story of great subtlety, density, and emotional impact. It is as if Jean-Marie Straub has collaborated with Max Ophuls.

Dave Kehr, When Movies Mattered

Rich, beautifully composed images. Based on the romantic novel of a triangular relationship, Oliveira’s aim is to create a synthesis of literary, musical and pictorial elements.

Ronald Bergen, The Guardian

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