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A Night of Knowing Nothing

February 28, 2022

A Night of Knowing Nothing

(Dir. Payal Kapadia, 2021)

Los Angeles premiere!


7:30 PM


8:00 PM


2220 Arts + Archives
2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90057

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Yanai Initiative logo_edited.jpg

Through  fictional love letters found in a cupboard at the Film and Television  Institute of India, we meet L, a film student writing to her estranged  lover while he is away. Gradually we’re immersed in the drastic changes  taking place at the school and in the lives of young people across the  country as they take to the streets to protest widespread  discrimination.

In her  debut film, Payal Kapadia deftly merges reality with fiction, weaving  together archival footage with student protest videos to create a vital  tapestry of the personal and the political. With its dreamlike editing  rhythms and a revelatory use of sound, A Night of Knowing Nothing—which won the best documentary prize at last year's Cannes Film Festivalis both an essential document of contemporary India and a nostalgic look at youth fighting the injustice of their time.

The best film of the year...wondrous, trancelike.

- Michael Phillips, The Chicago Tribune

Foregrounds cinema itself as a site of resistance.

- Michael Sicinski, MUBI Notebook

One of the best student films ever made...imbued with a sense of history unfolding in the moment.

- Siddhant Adlakha, Indiewire

Extraordinary...a hypnotic essay about the loss of innocence and the spark that inspires one to fight.

- Pat Mullen, POV Magazine

A fervent cinétract on love and revolt...alluring in its mix of sensuality, intimacy, and collective movement.

- Andréa Picard, ICA Frames of Representation

(Available to download after screening date)

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