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Between Two Cinemas

December 4, 2018

Between Two Cinemas

(Dir. Ross Lipman, 2018)

U.S. premiere!
Panel discussion to follow the screening, featuring Lipman, director Thom Andersen, filmmaker Lewis Klahr, writer and actress Lisa Black, filmmaker Janie Geiser, filmmaker Pia Borg, and composer Patrick Gleeson.


7:30 PM


8:00 PM


Downtown Independent
251 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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Yanai Initiative logo_edited.jpg

Over thirty years in the making, this unique autobiography looks back at  filmmaker/archivist Ross Lipmans winding path through a gaping no-mans  land between international art cinema and the American avant-garde.  Including restorations of his old films plus a new documentary/essay  linking them, it uncovers previously unseen archival material on Stan  Brakhage and Andrei Tarkovsky, and adds new collaborations with artists  including visionary experimentalist Bruce Baillie, Jeanne Dielman  cinematographer Babette Mangolte, Bela Tarr composer Mihaly Vig and  synthesizer pioneer Patrick Gleeson. Between Two Cinemas is an enthralling exploration of discord and resonance between two divergent cultures, and the worlds from which they emerge.

Lipman  is one of the leading figures in American independent film culture  today, and this absorbing hybrid is a fascinating insight to his  evolving views on film art.

- Ed Lawrenson, British Film Institute

4K  scans of Lipman’s poetic, exploratory short films open up new  conversations about how artists look after their work, whilst casting a  fresh eye on the broad terrain of alternative film in this highly  unusual, immersive and discursive, personally inflected hybrid of  curated-programme and essay-film.

- William Fowler, BFI National Archive

(Available to download after screening date)

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