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Casa de Lava

November 7, 2017

Casa de Lava

(Dir. Pedro Costa, 1994)

New digital restoration! Los Angeles premiere!


7:30 PM


8:00 PM


Downtown Independent
251 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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In only his second feature, Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa (Horse Money, In Vanda’s Room) brilliantly reworked Jacques Tourneur’s classic I Walked with a Zombie into a reflection on his country’s colonial legacy. A nurse, Mariana  (Inês de Medeiros), accompanies Leão (Isaach de Bankolé) to his home on  the volcanic islands of Cape Verde after an accident leaves him in a  coma — but he goes unrecognized by fellow denizens, leaving Mariana  trapped with and eventually entranced by a mysterious community. Never  before released in the U.S. and now beautifully restored, Casa de Lava foreshadows the masterful films that would follow, yet is an extraordinary, ravishing work in its own right. (Grasshopper)

An elliptical, deeply mysterious ghost story.

- Akiva Gottlieb, The Nation

New enigmas reveal themselves with each new viewing.

- Jacques Rivette, Les Inrockuptibles

A  politically savvy homage to Jacques Tourneur. Costa creates moody,  luminous tableaux to conjure an incantatory, Faulknerian earthiness.

- Richard Brody, The New Yorker

Casa de Lava may be the film of Costa’s that poses the most constant and furious tug  of war in his oeuvre between Hollywood narrative and the portraiture of  both places and people, staging an almost epic battle between the two.

- Jonathan Rosenbaum, Second Run DVD

Comes  at its viewers in a series of jagged scenes that shift unexpectedly  from day to night and back, alternate between mundane stretches of daily  business and blips of sudden, violent action, and often leave[s]  [itself] open to the intrusion of new, eerier, more dreamlike tones.

- Max Nelson, Public Books

(Available to download after screening date)

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