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April 21, 2024


(Dir. Lois Patiño)

West Coast premiere!






2220 Arts + Archives
2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90057

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Co-presented by LA OLA.

Screening to be preceded by a video introduction by director Lois Patiño.

Samsara is a story split in two: two continents, two communities, two belief systems, two sets of experiences and inner lives. Between them lies a sensory pathway, all light and sound. The viewer is only asked to close their eyes and travel with it.

In Laos, a young man named Amid is tending to a dying woman. He takes his boat out on the Mekong River. One day he meets a novice monk, Bee An, who asks about the book he carries. Amid explains that he carries the Bardo Thodol, The Tibetan Book of the Dead, and that he has been reciting it to her. It is “a book that someone has to read to you,” Amid says. He returns to the woman and sees her bid farewell to her belongings. Amid’s adult life is beginning where hers is near an end. He drips water on her hand to wake her up. “What can I do,” Amid reads to her, “now that I am dead?” With a group of monks from Bee An's temple, Amid travels downriver to the Kuang Si waterfalls. While there, the woman passes away.

Another drop, another hand. The story moves to Tanzania, where a young girl named Juwairiya wakes up to the news that a baby goat has been born. She names it Neema, the Arabic word for blessing. Juwairiya lives with her family in Uroa, a village on the East coast of Zanzibar. Local women farm seaweed and make soap. The men catch fish. “Life is change”, Juwairiya's grandmother explains. There is regeneration in the air.

TRT: 113 min

"Breathtaking... Among the most enrapturing cinematic gambits of recent years." —Ben Nicholson, Sight and Sound

"A quiet, radical masterwork. It feels like new cinematic ground is being broken before our eyes." —Neil Young, Little White Lies

"In a hectic world of chaos and crisis, Samsara offers a glorious solution: close your eyes to truly open them." —Hannah Flint, Time Out

"Remarkably immersive... Part film, part guided meditation, it’s unlike anything else you can experience in the cinema." —Wendy Ide, The Guardian

"An extraordinary, multisensory journey through bodies, souls, and space... The rare film that invites your whole body into its universe." —Leonardo Goi, The Film Stage

(Available to download after screening date)

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