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The Nothing Factory

May 9, 2018

The Nothing Factory

(Dir. Pedro Pinho, 2017)

Los Angeles premiere!
Voted the #1 Undistributed Film of 2017 by Film Comment!


7:30 PM


8:00 PM


Downtown Independent
251 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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One  night, a group of workers realizes that their administration has  organized the stealing of machines from their factory. They soon  understand that this is the first signal of a massive layoff.

Most of  them refuse to cooperate during the individual negotiations and they  start to occupy their workplace. So when the administration vanishes to  their great surprise, they’re left with a half-empty factory…

As the world around them collapses, new desires start to emerge.

The  debut narrative feature by Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Pinho boldly mixes  neo-realism, observational nonfiction, and even a musical number, into  one of recent cinema's most memorable hybrids. Official Selection:  Cannes (Directors' Fortnight), TIFF (Wavelengths), New Directors/New  Films 2018. Co-presented by MUBI!

A  long, detailed report on the dynamics and tactics involved in the  worker response to the impending liquidation of an elevator factory  outside of Lisbon, Pinho’s film is remarkable for the breadth of its  attention.

- Phil Coldiron, Cinema Scope

Pinho  touches on everything from political polemics reminiscent of Godard's  Dziga Vertov period to Jacques Demy-like industrial dance routines in  his three-hour radical labor film set in austerity-hobbled Portugal.

- James Quandt, Artforum

An energetic ensemble piece... The Nothing Factory echoes certain 60s-70s French screen examinations of labour issues (Godard’s Tout va bien being the most celebrated) but it’s very much its own thing, intelligent and inventive.

- Jonathan Romney, Screen Daily

The  scope of the canvas is bold indeed, at once myopic in its resolute  attention to these few people in this one particular and small-scale  crisis, and expansive in its direct acknowledgement of this story and  its participants as a by no means rare example of the pernicious,  corrosive effect of capitalism’s endless late stage on individual human  beings.

- Daniel Kasman, MUBI Notebook

The Nothing Factory is a serious look at the role of work today, in particular for those  sifting through the wreckage of capitalism. The presence of a shadowy  character on the fringes—a kind of labor theorist or crisis-chasing  agitator—allows for some pointed Marxist musings, and the three-hour  running time contains manifold surprises and pleasures, notably a few  bursts of self-reflexive song-and-dance and the loveliest of nods to Straub-Huillet’s Sicilia!. "

- Dennis Lim, Film Comment

(Available to download after screening date)

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