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Youth (Spring)

November 18, 2023

Youth (Spring)

(Dir. Wang Bing, 2023)

Los Angeles premiere!






2220 Arts + Archives
2220 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90057

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Youth (Spring) is a documentary driven by the thrum of industrial sewing machines — just like the lives of the young garment workers it portrays.

The town of Zhili, about 95 miles from Shanghai, is a center for the children’s garment industry. Workers in their teens and early twenties come from surrounding provinces to live in sparse, trash-strewn concrete dorms in the same buildings as the small factories where they spend their days sewing leggings, shorts, fluffy skirts, and jackets with Mickey Mouse hoods.

A remarkably intimate documentary filmed over five years, Youth (Spring) takes us into these independent workshops—many on a street named Happiness Road. Relationships form and fall apart. Young women fend off their co-workers’ advances. Managers and employees engage in intense negotiations over piece-work rates. Unexpected pregnancies throw couples and their families into turmoil. There are fights over shared washrooms, decisions over whether to stay or quit and go home, and many, many meals of take-out noodles.

A successor to Wang Bing’s 2017 film Bitter Money, Youth (Spring) is not an exposé of the garment industry. Instead, it draws us into the lives of its subjects—young people who don’t make their beds, worry about having the latest iPhone, and occasionally engage in a food fight. Like so many of us, they’re doing the best they can in a challenging environment. Official Selection: Cannes, TIFF, NYFF, Viennale.

TRT: 215 min

"[An] immersive, 3.5-hour opus." —Ben Croll, Indiewire

"A masterpiece... one of the best documentaries of the year." —Andréa Picard, POV Magazine

"Wang Bing sits at the pinnacle of the Chinese documentary groundswell." —Nicolas Rapold, The New York Times

"Possibly the most significant document of Chinese garment workers ever created." —Katarina Docalovich, Paste Magazine

"Consistently engaging. Like Frederick Wiseman, Wang is a lofty filmmaking doc deity who moves in mysterious, glacial ways, but one who sometimes performs miracles." —Leslie Felperin, The Hollywood Reporter

(Available to download after screening date)

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